Murrieta Dog Walking and Basic Training

Active Pawz was created with a clear vision to help busy pet owners have peace of mind knowing their loving canine companions are taken care of when they can not pull away from that daily grind. The fundamental elements to a calm and balanced dog consist of many key ingredients.

Dog Walking on Leash

The importance of daily exercise

Daily exercise is crucial to ensure our dogs happiness and health. A dog that is crated, in the house or even locked in the yard all day will start to build up frustration which can lead to destructive behavior. A brisk walk through your neighborhood and playtime will give your dog what he needs to keep him on the right track.

Basic training in a positive manner
Dog Giving Paw

Basic training is a tool that us humans can use to shape our dogs to behave in ways that make them pleasant to be around and can help keep them safe. An important part of training is communicating with our dogs in a humane way that they can understand. When positive training methods are used (treats, verbal praise, toys, etc.), not only does it portray a loving and kind sense of guidance to our dogs, but we are also endorsing a strong foundation to our relationship.

Let them know they are adored

Affection and love play a huge part in the well being of our domestic dogs. When we have a gentle heart and soft hand towards our canines it can also help enrich their behaviors. An extra dose of attention during the day will help your pal remember how much he or she is loved.

The perfect mix of exercise designed to fit your dogs’ energy level, basic training composed to her needs and a sprinkle of extra love will guarantee you a happy pal when you return home from a long day. From an energetic puppy to an elderly dog, Active Pawz offers service options to fit your needs.