Sun, fireworks, food & drinks are a few of the things Americans look forward to enjoying while we celebrate our freedom. But please keep in mind that our canine pals do not enjoy these things like we do. Not to mention the harm that can be caused to them.

Fun in the sun! Even though we all love to soak up some rays, the sun is very powerful and sunburn could be very uncomfortable for your dog. Try to keep him in the shade, an air conditioned home or if you have a dog that LOVES water, be sure to put lots of animal safe sun screen on his nose, ears and anywhere else that has limited amounts of fur. Also, don’t forget to keep him hydrated! See Hot Diggity Dogz for more information about keeping your pals cool during summer.

Beautiful fireworks in the summer sky! As breathtaking as they are for us, most dogs are TERRIFIED of fireworks. They have no clue what that sound is and where it is coming from. Some dogs will destroy window screens trying to get inside to take shelter and others will try to flee. Here are some safety tips on how to keep your dog calm and content during the scary booms and bright lights.

  • Crate your dog with a soft warm blanket in a dark room instead of leaving her in the backyard
  • Turn on comforting music or familiar sounds such as the T.V.
  • Give your dog a stuffed Kong right before you know a big firework show is about to start, this will help distract your dog from the scary sounds
  • Try to avoid taking your dog to these events. Remember, dogs hearing is much greater than ours therefore fireworks are super loud for them
  • Make sure all of your pets have their collar on and all information is up to date with your county licensing department and microchip company incase you were to lose an animal.

BBQ’s, cocktails, snacks galore! Yummy! 4th of July is filled with lots of goodies our canine pals would love to get their pawz on. But, remember, what’s good for us, isn’t always good for them! Alcohol, chocolate and nuts are well known items that can be poisonous to our dogs. Please don’t forget chicken bones and other animals bones can splinter making them unsafe for dogs. Here is a link the Humane Society has provided which lists other potentially poisonous foods.

Have fun, be safe and always keep your pals best interest in mind. Happy 4th of July!


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