Krystal Mony, Owner

In 2010, I began volunteer work at the San Diego animal shelters walking and socializing dogs. I became very comfortable handling all breeds, sizes, ages and temperaments. That same year, I was certified with the American Red Cross in Canine First Aid.

Early 2011, I decided to further my education working with dogs and joined a canine training company in San Diego, CA as their assistant trainer. I provided “walk and train” for clients that had a difficult time handling their energetic dogs and worked closely with the head trainer teaching basic obedience classes and handling demonstration dogs while working with aggressive or fearful cases. I continue to maintain valuable knowledge on canine behavior and body language while I exercise and train my client’s dogs here at Active Pawz. My membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) is essential as I continue to learn and use positive training methods.

As an advocate for animal rescue I have seen a lot of heart ache which is what desperately leads me on a path to help people keep their dogs happy and healthy in their homes. My passion for animals is so abundant and I am blessed to be able to make working with them my career.

In my free time, I enjoy the company of family and friends, reading, volunteering, exercising and of course, hanging with my rescue pups, Lucy and Kaiya. With only one life to live, I intend to live mine to the fullest.